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Healthcare Packaging Conference in China


China and HealthCare Packaging Knowledge Sharing!

LifePack Forum-- China's first seminar and exhibitor show event for healthcare packaging professinals.

Healthcare packaging professionals have a tough job... protecting the products that save lives.  LifePack Forum is an annual event dedicated to connecting healthcare packaging professionals, providing current technical content, and bringing the latest materials, equipment and services all to one convenient location.

This 2-day event gives the packaging professional access to the latest industry information in a seminar format and connects end users with suppliers through an Exhibitor Showcase.

LifePack Forum will hold its inaugural event in Suzhou China at the Suzhou Marriott, May 6 & 7, 2014.  Please check out our website to register as a speaker, sponsor or attendee.  We would love to hear from you.


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Sample Size for Medical Packaging Validation


Check out the archived "radio show" hosted by Karen Greene on the Community Blog-Medical Packaging Innovation.  During this radio show Karen Greene discusses a process for the development of a statistically valid sample size for your sterile barrier system validation.  The focus is on conducting a risk assessment of your packaging design in conjunction with your medical device design and aligning it with your company's policies on assigning criticality to packaging defects.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Packaging Design and Validation


6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Packaging Engineering Activities

We discuss the benefits of using contractors and suppliers to assist you with your business needs for design, development and validation.  We paraphrase Albert Einstein-- you can not fix a problem with the same mind that created it.   Packaging technical expertise is in relative short supply and utilizing experienced subject matter experts can provide solutions quickly and effectively.

Essentials for Medical Device Packaging Design


We will be linking regularly to the Medical Packaging Innovation website.  This is a new community of professionals dedicated to discussing topics related to medical packaging.  This is an international community of packaging professionals and is a great place to visit for relevant topics.

The medical packaging innovation community is interested in experienced professionals for development of blog posts and moderating positions.

In this blog post, we focus on essentials for the successful development of medical device packaging design.  Key steps are outlined which help ensure design success for the organizatio and most importantly the consumer of the medical device, our patients!



Got Medical Packaging Validation?


Let the expert team at Life Packaging Technology LLC assist you with the critical business activities of designing, prototyping and validating sterile medical packaging systems.

Reference our brief presentation on key elements of effective sterile packaging validation :

docs/Package Integrity validation LPT Website 6-12.pdf

Mold and Tooling Consulting


NEW Services!!NEW

Life Packaging Technology LLC now offers tooling and molding consulting services, offered by Mr. Fred Carr, retired, Plastic and Metal Center, Laguna Hills, CA.  Let LPT LLC assist you in performing mold and tooling IQ, OQ, PQ qualifications as well as trouble shoot part design and manufacturing issues of both injection molded and thermoformed parts.  Mr. Fred Carr holds several medical and dental patents and is a certified ISO internal auditor and representative.

docs/Life Packaging Technology LLC now offers Molding Consultation for Thermoforming and Injection Molding.pdf

Sterile Medical Packaging--Nurses' Perspective


HealthPack conference, 2012- Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 6 - March 8 2012, continues its noteworhty success for educating and enlightening medical device packaging professionals.

This event has developed into the pre-eminent conference for healthcare packaging professionals.   Job well done by Curt Larsen, John Spitzely, Ed Landon, Barb Dykes and Carole Schiller.

This year's nurses' survey presented by Ms. Jennifer Blocher of Sealed Air Medical, continues to build on the valuable information of previous surveys regarding practices and perceptions of utilizing sterile medical packaging.  Sustainability and recycling issues were surveyed and summarized.  Jennifer's survey indicated that there is room for significant development at the clinical site setting for facilitating recycling.

This year's nurses' panel, live critque of sterile medical packaging, expertly facilitated by Ms. Jennifer Benolken of St. Jude Medical, continues to entertain, educate and enlighten the HealthPack conference crowd.

Hat tip to Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News, Ms. Daphne Allen, for a nice summary of the takeaways of the Nurses's Survey and Panel.  We focused on the practice of aseptic technique and what helps and hinders the safe and aseptic transfer of medical devices into the sterile field.  Take a look at the PMP News article for key takeaways regarding desired features for sterile medical packaging that facilitate aseptic technique.

Developing A Better Medical Device Package Label Specification

Hat tip to Mr. Dave Olson, Dr. O, of Advanced Web of Minnesota, on his informative article/blog on the development of a better, more effective label specification for the medical device packaging industry.  Give this blog a good read, chock full of very informative, actionable content on what is really important in specifying  a useful, meaningful label specification for your application.Advanced Web, Dave Olson, Label Blog

Barrier Shelf Life for Medical Device Packaging


docs/IoPP Educ Track-Med Device Packaging High Barrier Pkg KGreene 9-28-11.pdf

Karen K. Greene, Vice President Life Packaging Technology LLC and IoPP Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee, MDPTC Subcommittee Chair,  presented recently at IoPP's Education Track at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 2011.

A process approach to determining how to evaluate and potentially model permeation performance of a high barrier package design.

What test methods and testing techniques bring you actionable results in the most expedient manner.  How to successfully partner with the right team of experts for technical support.

Audience members were curious about the global regulatory standards that may apply with medical packaging and what do the regulatory standards provide in the way of barrier evaluation.

Discussion of the pros and cons of modeling and how to act upon the results were discussed with the audience.

The presentation will be broadcast as a Live webinar on Tuesday November 15th 2011 from 1 - 2 PM Central Time so if you missed the conference at Pack Expo you can attend the IoPP webinar.  Information sign up is coming soon




Sterile Medical Packaging Design and Validation


Medical Packaging Design and Compliance

LPT's and Southern California's's --Karen Greene and Jan Gates presented on sterile medical packaging design, development, validation and of course, compliance, at Chicago's Pack Expo, Education Track.  The presentation, hosted by was held on November 3, 2010 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Il.

Karen and Jan presented their design perspective based on combined decades of sterile medical packaging experience.  References to industry compliance documents, reference documents, testing standards and best demonstrated practices were sprinkled throughout their presentation.  Discussion and questions were encouraged and information was exchanged in an informal setting.

The presentation is embedded within the article for your full review. 

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